Who and what is Skate Philippines?

Everyone is part of Skate Philippines! Serious or recreational skaters, coaches, students, the ever-supporting parents, anyone who shares the love for the sport of ice skating, and most importantly, you! We come from all ages and backgrounds.

We aim to foster figure skating in the country, encouraging each member to practice and improve in any or all skating styles. We share an ambition to cultivate the spirit of sportsmanship among its skating members through sponsorship, production, and operation of various competitions, events, ice shows, and programs. We aim to fulfill the growing needs of Philippine Skating and encourage more people to support and join the sport, while having fun.

We are governed by three key principles in everything that we do, both on and off the ice: Respect, Discipline, and Camaraderie.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the sport, practice with new friends, enjoy the competition, and create life-long memories with friends who has the same passion and love for ice sports!